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Iverson Guitar Works
A setup by Paul Iverson ... Beyond brilliant

I've had the new custom Heritage for about a month now. It's gotten lots of playing time in that month and it was time to do a decent setup. Heritage build some wonderful guitars but set ups are definitely not their specialty. I'd heard lots of wonderful things about Paul Iverson, a VERY seasoned tech based at the Tom Lee store in North Vancouver and thought I'd spend the extra few bucks to see what a really well respected setup specialist could do for the guitar.

First about the service ... I brought it in on Wednesday afternoon. I showed him a guitar of mine that was setup pretty much how I liked it. He asked me what I liked about it, did a few measurements on both guitars and told me he'd call me on Friday when it was done.

I got the call at 2PM Friday. I drove over and he handed me the guitar and asked me to play it a bit to be sure it was to my satisfaction. The only way to describe it is remarkable. I've been playing guitar for 52 years and I've known a lot of really good guitar mechanics but this is easily the best setup I've ever played. The difference was stunning. Not only was it much better than the factory setup but it was also much better than the guitar I had brought him as the example of what I liked. I've put in a couple hours of playing on it now and I feel like it's been setup absolutely perfectly for my playing style and way beyond what I was expecting or hoping for.

The price for the setup was $63 (including the provincial service tax) and I provided the strings. I consider it a bargain for what I got. I would recommend him absolutely without reservation. In fact, I would go so far as to suggest that members from as far as the Seattle area might want to consider coming up to have him work on their guitars. I suspect if you called to make an appointment, you could probably arrange a same day turnaround. It's a small effort for the level of excellence in the work.
Iverson Guitar Works


On the Jimmy Page guitar

They are not kidding about Page guitars either, i saw them  on Paul's bench.. and on another day the holy grail - a prewar martin D45... some serious coin on his bench some days... Oh ya...also a Banner Head Gibbie J45 of JP's  on his bench.

Iverson Guitar Works


Go to Paul Iverson

I had him set up my '52RI telecaster and it was transformed into the best playing guitar I ever owned. I've tried out a bunch of other guys, but Paul was the best, and reasonably priced as well!
Iverson Guitar Works
Laul's done lots of tweaks and repairs for me over the years. Work is always stellar. He's not afraid to try something different. He's my go to guy. Highly recommended.